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Haunted Homosote

Penland haunted Homosote

This scary crew—of Penland staff, students, and neighbors—put on a stellar haunted house in Homosote on Halloween night. Homosote is an old dorm that has been replaced and will soon be dismantled, so someone had the idea that its last hurrah could be as a haunted house. Think about it—if you do a haunted house in a building that’s going to be torn down, you can kind of mess it up without consequence. Hmmm….



Here it is from the outside.

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Ian’s Machine

Core fellow Ian Henderson spent quite a bit of time this fall creating this machine for the Core Show. It’s made from steel wire with porcelain gears. It’s powered by a fan, which was controlled by a motion sensor, so it would start up whenever anyone walked by. It’s only function is to create wonder, which it does quite nicely. Wes Stitt made the video.