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Talking Heads

talking heads
Stoney Lamar saying something pithy to his peers.

Tonight’s activity at the instructor’s retreat was to have been a discussion about living the creative life. But Thursday is the last day to work and people are seriously cranking in the studios, so organizers Dana Moore, Christina Shmigel, and Jeff Goodman decided in the morning that maybe another discussion was not the thing.

So Jeff, Christina, and staff members Wes Stitt and Jennifer Sword ran around for a couple hours after lunch with video cameras and a short list of pithy questions about art making and the creative life, asked people for short answers, and then spent the afternoon editing them into a 20 minute video that was entertaining, quite funny, and filled with useful thoughts.

So everybody watched that and went back to work.

(You’ll get to see it, too, as soon as we have time to fix it up a little and post it online.)

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