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The Future is Now: Fall/Spring Catalog Available Online!

Dan Bailey's "Target" on the knoll
"Target," by Dan Bailey

It’s not time to give up on summer dreaming just yet – there are still plenty of openings in Penland classes between now and September. The big news today, though, is a look into the slightly further future: the 2011-2012 Fall/Spring Concentration course schedule and registration are up and running on our website! So have a look. And think about the future. Dream a few dreams. Set a few goals.  Ask yourself, “Where do I see myself in six months’ time? How about a year from now?” And ask yourself if a class at Penland could be a part of the answer.

Click here to check out our complete lineup of classes for the next year!

Fear not, lovers of paper! Printed catalogs will be coming by post in the near future. Like the man said, we’re all interested in the future, because that’s where we’re going to spend the rest of our lives.